Passion Projects

As someone who grew up being fed the fast-paced London lifestyle and is always interested in more integrative ways to be mindful, healthy and balanced: I wanted to share my developing interests, while being able to further educate myself at the same time. Far from preaching to the choir, I write to myself, first and foremost. As a scientist, I wanted to explore the quantitative, while remaining open minded to the limitations of the language, and equally appreciating the less tangible roots of the qualitative.


Yūgenial (Cannabinoid Wellbeing)

Yūgenial is a holistic wellness brand that believes in potent botanical alchemy, consumer education and clean science. Our initial range focuses on the endocannabinoid system, contributing to a movement that seeks to challenge perspectives around integrative health, plant medicines and drug policy. We support organisations such as, the largest independent body on drug science, free from political and commercial interference; and are members of the London Psychedelic Society. Our model follows the ethos of Company of One.

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Magic + Media

  • Emerging Industries: Psychedelic Wellbeing, B Corps, Web 3 (Holistic Science and Enterprise).
  • Base-code HTML / JavaScript literate. Lateral Remote Partnership Model.
  • X+Why: ‘uniting, inspiring and amplifying the use of business as a force for good’. B Corp Certified.  Joined at the inception of B Corp certification and national expansion, assisting with internal and external campaigns and events, impact reporting and as an independent researcher for informative content and strategy.
  • Delic Corp: a leader in the psychedelic industry educating the public on psychedelic wellness and investment. Media arm: Reality Sandwich holistic science providers for the psychedelic revolution.
  • The Third Wave: an educational platform providing well-researched, high-quality science-lead information specific to the classic psychedelics.
  • PurePR Agency: public relations for local and international health, wellness and lifestyle brands such as Moroccanoil: digital strategy, marketing, influencer events, content styling and curation.
  • Nightkey: Wellness Partnerships Lead, curating long-term partnerships with brands such as Equinox St James and The Other Art Fair.
  • Founders Capital: boutique London-based FinTech fund assisting in launching new platforms and scaling up existing ones, by adapting them to leverage emerging Blockchain technologies. Investment, workshops, meet-ups, collaborations and talks on a variety of topics including developments in the regulation of cryptocurrency and ICOs. Portfolio includes Kanvas AI, Credio Capital and Estate Guru.

b corp

Ravens + Writing Desks

Alchemy + Academia

  • BSc Medical Science Imperial College: Gastroenterology & Hepatology; The Enteric Nervous System A ‘Second Brain’
  • Mst Entrepreneurship Cambridge: Intangible Factors Affecting Entrepreneurial Processes Within A Systems Context
  • Emma Guggenheim Prize for Science (NLCS)  · Elizabeth Hoskyn Prize Service to Societies (NLCS)  · National Institute for Medical Research Bronze Award (NIMR)

Misc + Mysterium

European Commission EU Mobility Certificate (Leonardo Da Vinci Scholarship)  · Shotokan Karate Black Belt 2nd Dan (Hendon)  · Rider Waite & Mythical Tarot (Ookushna Course)  · Intro To DeFi and Crypto (LPS)  · Chaos Magick Servitors Course (M Vincent)  · A Social History of Magic Course (Imperial College)  · Reiki Level 1 (Reiki Maya)  · Steward Ownership: Tools for The Regenerative Renaissance (Seeds Coin + LPS Partnership)  · Kundalini Tantra (Misc)  · Teaching Skills Certification (Imperial College)