Magic + Media

  • Emerging Industries: Psychedelic Wellbeing, B Corps, Web 3 (Holistic Science and Enterprise).
  • Base-code HTML / JavaScript literate. Lateral Remote Partnership Model.
  • X+Why: ‘uniting, inspiring and amplifying the use of business as a force for good’. B Corp Certified.  Joined at the inception of B Corp certification and national expansion, assisting with internal and external campaigns and events, impact reporting and as an independent researcher for informative content and strategy.
  • Delic Corp: a leader in the psychedelic industry educating the public on psychedelic wellness and investment. Media arm: Reality Sandwich holistic science providers for the psychedelic revolution.
  • The Third Wave: an educational platform providing well-researched, high-quality science-lead information specific to the classic psychedelics.
  • PurePR Agency: public relations for local and international health, wellness and lifestyle brands such as Moroccanoil: digital strategy, marketing, influencer events, content styling and curation.
  • Nightkey: Wellness Partnerships Lead, curating long-term partnerships with brands such as Equinox St James and The Other Art Fair.
  • Founders Capital: boutique London-based FinTech fund assisting in launching new platforms and scaling up existing ones, by adapting them to leverage emerging Blockchain technologies. Investment, workshops, meet-ups, collaborations and talks on a variety of topics including developments in the regulation of cryptocurrency and ICOs. Portfolio includes Kanvas AI, Credio Capital and Estate Guru.

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