Passion Projects

As someone who grew up being fed the fast-paced London lifestyle and is always interested in more integrative ways to be mindful, healthy and balanced: I wanted to share my developing interests, while being able to further educate myself at the same time. Far from preaching to the choir, I write to myself, first and foremost. As a scientist, I wanted to explore the quantitative, while remaining open minded as to the limitations of the language, and equally appreciating the less tangible roots of the qualitative.


Yūgenial (Cannabinoid Wellbeing)

Yūgenial is a holistic wellness brand that believes in potent botanical alchemy, consumer education and clean science. Our initial range focuses on the endocannabinoid system, contributing to a movement that seeks to challenge perspectives around integrative health, plant medicines and drug policy. We support organisations such as; and are members of the London Psychedelic Society.