Misc + Mysterium

European Commission EU Mobility Certificate (Leonardo Da Vinci Scheme)  · Shotokan Karate Black Belt 2nd Dan (Hendon)  · Rider Waite & Mythical Tarot Course (Ookushna)  · Intro To DeFi and Crypto (LPS)  · Chaos Magick Servitors Course (M Vincent)  · A Social History of Magic Course (Imperial College)  · Reiki Level 1 (Reiki Maya)  · Steward Ownership: Tools for The Regenerative Renaissance (Seeds Coin + LPS Partnership)  · Kundalini Tantra (Misc)  · Teaching Skills Certification (Imperial College)  · Breath-Work Course (Wim Hof Technique)  · Travel Writing Courses (Peter Carty + Greta Solomon)


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