Yūgenial is an Ethical, Sustainable, Unisex Wellness and Self-Care Brand with a focus on Transparency, Clean Science and Botanical Alchemy. The brand is on track to launch SS19.

I’ll take care of you, if you take care of me’ is a cultural approach to relationships. But one cannot sustainably, authentically or holistically take care of others, whilst neglecting to re-establish a caring and loving attitude towards the self. Self-care encompasses all aspects of self-development, self-reflection and self-awareness; it fosters self-esteem, self-worth and self-belief. Or in 2019 – ‘selfies’…

‘self-care is not selfish’ because we have a shared responsibility to be responsible to the self. To help each other to help ourselves.

I’ve fallen in love with the Yūgenial name which is an adaptation of the Japanese word Yūgen, meaning a deep sensation of the nature of the universe. Sometimes we become so trapped in our tainted microcosm of the world, we forget just how fantastically mysterious and expansive life really is. Perspective is the fundamental concept that underpins each of our lives.

‘Yūgenial’ has connotations of rejuvenation, introspection, multiculturalism, the unconventional and the merger of modern scientific progress with a long forgotten ancient wisdom.


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