This is a personal hobby blog that predominantly looks at the substance behind the hype and combines modern Western approaches to health, with ancient Eastern philosophies about wellness and mindfulness. As a mixed race author, this blog is a manifestation of my cultural heritage and its superficially contradictory interests: the latest in scientific knowledge combined with a fascination in the pre-existing, intuitive wisdom of a long forgotten past. It provides nutritious bites of information that may help readers make more informed decisions about their lifestyles, or simply serve as an otherwise entertaining, light read.

This site is not monetised through any paid content. My main motivations for researching and sharing have always been to further educate myself about the food I eat, the products I use and the activities I love. My family’s motto is ‘everything in moderation’ and as someone who grew up being fed the fast-paced London lifestyle, I enjoy investigating methods of becoming more mindful and balanced in an increasingly manic world. The writing / typing skills are a continuous work in progress but in the era of click-bait and junk, I hope that you may find some of the articles on here applicable and useful to you too.

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